Sunday, 13 November 2011

luxury and politics

....huuuh, it has been ages since I posted something new! But yeah, I am still alive so no worries! :---)

I thought that maybe I could share my latest three illustrations for Helsingin Sanomat! The first one is the oldest one. : )

(This one was about the taxation of so called luxury products.)

(How young people should be more involved in politics.)

(And how fundraisers are also human and should be treated better. :---))

Lately I have written so little English that it feels like I hardly know how to write it anymore, eek...! :---o I have been very busy for months now and there has been so much everything new (my new school, moving to my own apartment...) that I don`t even know where to start! Maybe I´ll post a longer entry about everything random later, hehe! Cheers!


  1. Nice to have you back! :)
    Lovely illustrations as usual, can't wait to see your random stuff, too! ;) <3

  2. Nice to see you again (this comment is probably quite confusing, I followed you on a previous account I had and I am rejoining blogger you see*)

    Your illustrations are so cute! I'm glad that your skills have been put to professional use. Your style is so unique and instantly recognisable- I can tell a Noora work from miles off!

    *And I can safely say that Magpie In Disguise will never come back, so feel free to delete the link in your sidebar

  3. Mayuko-san: Aww, nice to hear that some people still actually remember me! :' ) Thanks a lot, I`ll have to make a new post soon then! :---))

    Molly: Hi there, hehe! I think that I would have likely guessed that it`s you anyway. ;---)

    That is so nice to hear, thanks Molly... :'o

    (and oh, I`ll delete it then! : ) Maybe I`ll link your new blog when you start blogging again! )

  4. Ahh that'd be lovely! And wow! I thought you would have forgotten me by now :-) You're still my favourite blogger though!

  5. Oh little fox I have missed you and your wonderful drawings!! I've wondered about what sort of foxy mischief you must be up to, I think of you lots because I have your bag with me on my travels :-)
    These new drawings are all great tosee, but most exciting... your own apartment, wow!!! Are your parents a little sad to see their little fox go out into the big wide world alone???

    lots of love, monika

  6. Kiva kuulla susta pitkästä aikaa ja piirrokses ovat jälleen kerran aivan ihania:).

  7. Molly: Hehe, awww, I don`t forget people who have talked to me (face to face or via Internet, hehe) easily! :> And, awwww, thank you!!

    Monika: That`s so sweet, I have been thinking about you too. : > I hope that you are doing fine too, at least it seems to be that you have been very productive. So many new and nice paintings! :--) And it makes me glad to hear that you are carrying my bag with you, thank you... :'')

    Heh, you are right, my parents are probably a bit sad and confused because I am gone... : D No more pointless stories with useless details, hehe... I`ll tell you more soon.. :')

    Maiju: Ää, kiitos taas kerran! : )

  8. How your blog has become more and more wonderful :) I really like the new artworks you put up. And Congratulations on the acceptance into your college :3

  9. Aa, really? :---) Thank you..!