Saturday, 26 November 2011

Plenty of mysterious business

Hi there little foxes, it has been while..! So many things have happened during these three months that I was gone, I hardly know what to write... Besides it seems to be that I just can`t update my blog regularly, I`m sorry...No matter what I don`t want to decide something like "now I am going to post stuff three times a week!!" because it would make things a little too serious. I want to write this blog for fun anyway. ;----)

Well, my summer vacation (which ended like 100 years ago...) went very nicely and in August (among other things) I visited Lapland with my family and right after it I finally travelled to London with my friend Astri! As you might guess, I took tourist photos with great passion (hee-hee) and I think that I am going to share some of them with you later. ; )

Huh, I miss summer so much... and London too!

In the end of August I also started studying graphic design! :--) In the beginning I was like super nervous (althought it turned out that there are a couple of students from my high school and all people are very approachable) and some things felt a bit hard and complicated.
For example for the first two months I had to live at my grandparents` place (it would take about 2 and half an hour to travel to my current school from my childhood`s home so I had to move nearer) and the school journey took about an hour by bus. The journey to my high school took even longer but for some reason this time sitting on the bus for that long felt super tiring. ; (
Luckily in the beginning of November I finally was able to move to my own apartment and now I can actually walk to school! There would be a lot to say about my school, I`ll have ramble more about it later! :--)

(some material for a school project)

One of our first courses included creating a pattern by using a plant as an inspiration (I chose blackberry, my pattern doesn`t remind me of it at all, though hehe...). We also had to show where the pattern could be used (I found this random picture from a site where they had tons of nice vintage patterns, I`ll have to search for the link later... so the girlies are not drawn by me! :)). I also ended up creating a giff animation of this picture (the same pattern on the dresses, five colour variations) hehe, I just have to find out how to share it in a blogger post eeeeeh....

Hmm, I won`t probably post proper pictures of my apartment (in fact there isn`t much to see at the moment, eeeeh, most of my stuff is in my old room..), but maybe I`ll share some details, heh!
This is my sofa which is in a way a little crappy, but I love it anyway! The sofa was made by my grandpa in the late 60s, he made almost all of their furniture! My grandparents told me that the sofa has had many different upholsteries, the best one in their opinion was the first one that was made with a fabric by Marimekko. In these days it is a leather sofa but I love the history behind it. There is also something fascinating about its a bit worn out look. :---)

This photo was taken on my apartment during my first evening there, haha, the foxie is not very impressed about the content of my fridge... :--D There is some chicken, yummy and sugary yogurts, cheese (halloumi cheese and Oltermanni cheese. I just noticed that the Oltermanni had been in my fridge for almost 3 weeks and was completely dried, ewww! I had totally forgotten about it.. : D Now it is thrown away!) and eeerh, butter?
I must admit that I am not very good at making food yet, hehe. :--D It is not that hard but I have very little experience and I can hardly come up with any ideas for food! For three weeks I have eaten mostly chicken (I love chicken!) with different side dishes, but eeeeh what can I eat if I become bored with chicken? I have tried to eat more versatilely, but at the same time I`d like to eat my favourite foods everyday (because I have to cook by myself), but it is not a good idea because sooner or later I get bored with those. :---( My secret plan is to have a husband who is an awesome cook, haha, otherwise I am doomed... Just kidding, all it takes is some practice (although a cooking husband would be nice 8---D)!

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but my good friend Riikka wanted to sew a dress for my 19th birthday. : ) The project started around February (when I had my birthday) and in the end of summer she managed to finish it! I was allowed to decide what kind of dress I`d like to have and then Riikka made up the pattern and started sewing. Me and my imaginary friends really love the result, hehe! :> Thank you so much!

Sorry for posting so many useless photos of myself, hehe, but I`ll still have to intoduce you to Mr. Broccoli! Haha, he is probably the most random stuffed toy ever (as my friend mentioned, he also happens to have Tintin`s face! haha!). :----D
I was in Ikea with my mum about a month ago and when I saw him I thought that he is like the coolest thing ever! For fun I asked my mum if I could have him and my mum agreed (he was only about 6 euros, hehe). When I started to wonder if I should have him or a carrot my mum even said "Nooo take the broccoli! He is just your style." I think that I made the right decision, we have gotten along very well. There is so much chemistry between us that he even makes my hair electrical, haha... :---D Too bad that he can`t cook either... Well, together we will survive!
(I am really starting to sound like an crazy cat woman... : D I am a bit worried.)

Haha, cheers, little foxes! :---)

I have been wondering if I should change the name of this blog ("the fox lady`s mysterious business") to just "her mysterious business"? The shorter version (that I use in some places already) sounds a bit better in my opinion hmmm, what do you think? : )


  1. Ooh, I see someone's had a haircut! It looks rather lovely as well (much better than when I had my hair cut that short).

    One of the reasons I'm scared of moving out is that I barely know how to cook anything! I'll end up living off toasted products and pasta haha. Or rely on roommates to cook for me...

    And that dress Riika made is so pretty! I love that colour, I'm not a huge fan of pink but that's really nice (and subtle!). I can't wait until I finally learn how to sew (I'm hopefully taking some classes in February)

    I like both URL names, but maybe hermysteriousbusiness is easier to remember.

  2. Can't wait til I move out! *__*
    The red haired girl is lovely, and the vegetables from IKEA rock! XD

  3. anna: .... : DD

    Molly: Yes, hehe, I didn`t mean to cut it that short, but I got a bit too excited and stuff. :--D I`ll might tell the whole story about the haircut later, haha! But thank you, how long is your hair at the moment? :)

    Yeah, I was a bit scared about that fact too when I found out that I am going to move out. :-D The good thing about living at my granparent`s was (of course the best part was to be a able to spend time with them) that my grandma makes delicious food, I miss them already...

    Thank you! : ) For pretty long time I wasn`t that into pink either (I though that as a colour it is nice sometimes but not in clothes etc) but during 3 years or so i started to even like it. :--D I prefer nude and peach/peach pink more though, for example some kind of shock pink is pretty awful everywhere. :--D I`d love to be better at sewing too (I suck at sewing to be honest!), sigh....

    Thanks for your opinion! : ) I think that I really consider chancing the name to her mysterious business.

    Mayuko-san: Aww, I hope that it will be possible soon then! : ) Good luck!
    Thank you and I agree about the Ikea vegetables!! : D

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  5. Woops posted too soon!

    My hair's around my collarbones now, it's ok but I can't wait for it to be really long. By the time it grows that far it'll be out of fashion- but who am I to follow the trends?

    I don't really wear much pink... in fact most of my wardrobe is black, white and grey! So boring- I like to call it 'classic' haha. I saw some nice skinny jeans the other day though, they were like a dusky pink, so quite neutral and not too garish! I may have to invest...

  6. Hehe, ihanaa et oot postannu taas, aattelin jo joku aika sitten et ei kai tää blogi oo kuopattu, mut hyvä et ei!

    Vitsit noi sun koulutyöt on prameita, en oo noita ees nähny!:) oranssitukkatytössä on niin ihanat ja raikkaat värit ja toi printin sijoitus on just pähee, näyttää just hyvältä ja jotenki 60-lukulaiselta noissa vaatteissa (tietty ku noi ite vaatteet on kans vanhoi niin korostaa tota vaikutelmaa mut silti:) saat muuten luvan ettiä ton sivun mulle;D)

    Ja hee, ihanaa et tykkäät (ja parhaat mielikuvituskaverit kans!) mekosta, se on kyl kaikkein paras kiitos:'))) Näytät ihanalta toi mekko päällä, vaik ite sanonkin;)


  7. JEEEEEEE! Olet palannut! :D