Saturday, 17 December 2011

about bullying and carrots

Two most recent illustrations for Helsingin Sanomat`s Nuorten Posti. The first one is came out earlier. : )

How the one being bullied became a bully himself.

This one was about vegetarian meals in school and how they should include something that replaces the meat (like tofu, otherwise the food makes you feel full only for a while).

(As you can see, I also figured out how to post my animation here! White background would work better, I`m afraid... Oh well, hehe. :--D)


  1. love these illustrations! especially the little fox face on the boys top!

  2. always a real treat to see your lively illustrations!!

  3. Love that second illu, because it's sooo true! I don't eat meat and it's nearly always the same XD
    ("only" vegetables, salad or potatos for me)
    I have no problem with it, but I think a few things could change. And it's healthier ;)

  4. Victoria: Thank you! Hehe I love to add the foxie everywhere. ;--)

    Monika: Aww, thanks!

    A good friend of mine saw some of your paintings today (when I was on facebook). : D She really liked them and thought that they are pretty!

    Mayuko-san: Haha, owww thank you! :' D I have noticed the same thing if I eat for example some vegetable soup at school instead the one with meat.