Wednesday, 22 February 2012

my coping strategy

My latest illustration for Helsingin Sanomat, it is about how studies suggest all kind of things, but how little explanations are given about the results (where the study is based on and how the results are gotten). This seems to be pretty common especially when talking about some products that should improve health.
(My poor translation of "terveystädin aamurahka" would be something like "health freak aunt`s morning curd (or yogurt..?)".)

If you are feeling down and stressed: 1) Buy tasty ice cream 2) Go to a toy shop and buy some random stuff that you secretly want to have, hehe!

...Huh it feels like I am horribly busy constantly! We are having our winter "holiday" (which will be full of school work, eeeh....) next week and I`d just love to sleep and be lazy... It would be great to do some personal projects and draw coloured illustrations, but at the moment I can`t simply find time for things like that. Sometimes school is kind of killing me these days, eeeeh, but luckily my school mates are awesome. Every school day is so much fun that some rubbish things can`t ruin it for me, hee hee. :----)
Cheers, little foxes!


  1. aww you make me miss being at school! i forget how nice it is to be around my friends all day. make the most of it while you can!

    i totally agree about going to a toyshop and buying something you want if you feel stressed, definitely the way to go! I love doing that! the amount of toys i have bought that i don't need is a bit ridiculous! haha

    wonderful drawing as always!

  2. mm, the ice-cream is such a good thing , hehe :)

  3. sulla on ylisöpö blogi !: )