Monday, 8 April 2013

It has been a while...

Huh, it has definitely been a while..! But despite my unplanned hiatus (which lasted more than a year wtf...: D) I am not planning to quit this blog. But in any case it might be a good idea to try to update a liiiitle bit more regularly haha.... I hope that you all haven`t already forgotten about me. ;---)

Lots of things have happened during the latest year and my life has changed pretty much if I think about how it was 2 years ago before I started polytechnic studies and before I moved out of my parents` place. There are many new nice and interesting things going on but of course there are also new kind of worries and things that you have to sort out by yourself. I`m still satisfied with my studies and I love drawing etc but sometimes it feels that these days I am quite stressed most of time (sometimes I wonder if I have aged physically like 4 years during these almost 2-year studies because of stress haha...) or at least way too often. Probably doing sports, better diet and more regular sleeping habits would help a lot, my forever going project seems to be to improve those things but how I do varies. No matter what I have managed to improve at least in some things like doing timetables heh... ; )

But yeah, enough about stress. : D Because I have been gone for so long maybe I could try to summarize some things that I have done or experienced (both creative and a bit more personal things) during last year or so... So prepare to read tons of rambling about more or less useless things hehe. ;---)

Winter 2012 was very busy and stressful time for me because of school and an illustration job that I had accepted already in previous autumn. I stayed up way too late while doing school work or this "commission" and most of time I slept like 3-5 hours. After doing some school stuff (or if there was a night when I didn`t have so much to do) I often ended up staying awake late anyway (it became a bad habit) and I did all kind of useless activities (like killing time with Photo booth eh,  haha..). During school days I was super tired but somehow I managed to be quite productive anyway.

My unfinished reproduction of Hugo Simberg`s painting, the idea was to try to imitate the artist`s use of brush and colours and repaint a painting by this certain artist.

My first try to paint an abstract painting, also a school work hehe... : )

When spring came things started to go better because my sleeping routines improved a little when I finished my illustration job and it got also less busy at school. My class also managed to finish a t-shirt project that took many months and in the end we were lucky enough to have an exhibition in a clothes store that also offered to sell our shirts. Besides I started to date my current boyfriend properly hehe.... :----)

Some of my handprinted t-shirts + a couple of bags after ironing.

My summer was pretty much relaxing after a tough school year and being lazy. Maybe the biggest adventure in summer was my 3 week Interrail trip with my friend Riikka! : ) It was very interesting and different trip than my other trips abroad. We started the Interrail by flying to Copenhagen (Denmark) and then we continued the journey with trains. Staying at hostels was sometimes a bit troublesome for me because I often sleep badly in new,  not familiar places but I guess that I got used to it somehow. : ) Our route (we travelled pretty spontaneous but we had some "must" cities which we had decided before hand) ended up to be (Helsinki)-Copenhagen-Amsterdam-Luxemburg-Paris-Limoges-Nimes-Nice-Verona-Bern-Berlin-(Copenhagen-Helsinki).

In a small town in France in our day trip from Limoges... I just can`t remember its name right now... 
Bern (probably one of my favourite towns in Interrail!)


Last autumn was a bit less busier in school than spring (luckily...)but we had some interesting and inspiring projects anyway, for example creating our own abc-books!

Letter k (about dropping the nail scissors (=kynsisakset) into the toilet)

Letter f (when you try to collect figures from surprise eggs and you always get the same figure)

Me and Riikka also planned our first collaboration project before Christmas and we ended up doing decoration pillows. The print is by me (the printing itself is done together though ; )) and Riikka did the sewing. It was very nice to do something together and actually get a finished, concrete product hehe. :----) The pillows were printed in 5 colours.

Hmm what else...  Well, spring has been very busy for me this far (again) and we ahve some projects going on with my class. The biggest news in 2013 would probably be that my boyfriend moved to my place about a week ago (Whee! Practically we have already been living together for a while because we always ended up being at my place for some reason... heh :---) But it´s really nice that now we both live here officially!) and last February we also got a syrian hamster (lol, I love hamsters... I had two when I was 9-13 years old :--D) named Fredrikson together. He is very friendly hamster! Hehe. :--)

So yeah, that`s pretty much all (that is somehow,in my opinion, worth of mentioning hehe... Saying things shortly isn`t the easiest thing to me. :---D) I guess..? I might post some illustrations/other stuff later that I didn`t include in this post but I hope that at least my creative projects interested you a little. ;---) 

How have you been doing? 8)


  1. Yksi toive : postaa lisää! :---)) Koskaan ei ole myöhäistä herätellä blogia, sanoisin. :)

  2. maiu: Heh, koitanpa siis parhaani mukaan tämän toiveen toteuttaa. ; ) Tykkään ite lukea kovasti muiden blogeja ja omaakin on hauska kirjoitella, pitäisi vaan parempi päivitystahti saada aikaan... ; D

  3. im so glad to hear youre not abandoning this blog! i love your art style, and cant wait to see more of your creative adventures. good luck with the rest of your semester!

  4. So glad one of my favourite illustration blogs is back ovo!

  5. Pitkästä aikaa eksyin tänne! :) Ihania noi t-paidat, kassit ja tyynyt. Missä te myitte niitä?

    Mukavaa kesää!

    T. Mia

  6. Mia: Moi! : ) Kiitos paljon! Paitoja ja kasseja (jotka tuli tehtyä erään kouluprojektin yhteydessä) myytiin hetkellisesti Lahdessa Saint Louis Storessa (siellä pidettiin paidoista näyttely) ja myöhemmin design marketissa Helsingissä viime vuoden elokuussa. : ) Tyynyt tein kaverini kanssa tosiaan yhteistyönä kouluni joulumyyjäisiin Lahden Muotoiluinstituuttiin. :--) Jos into iskee niin kaikkia noita on mahdollista ostaa näin jälkikäteen vaikka postitse. : >