Sunday, 30 June 2013

Confusion, illustrations and a cute hamster

Huh I have been blogging so little lately that it isn`t as easy as it used to be. I am not sure what to write, new blogger confuses me and I am not sure what I`d like to do with this blog. I love reading all kind of blogs but updating my own regularly seems to be a bit toublesome these days hehe... :) Maybe if I posted more about my other interests updating would be easier but I don`t know, eh...

In 2013 haven`t been sketching as much as I used to in 2012 which makes me saaaad. : ( I think that lately I have been worried about my improvement and things like that so somehow I have managed to create some kind of pressure about drawing which isn`t probably so great. Well, I hope that there will be a better artistic period in the way!

I am still drawing illustrations for Helsingin Sanomat, this illustration was about how unpleasant the school environment often is (the furniture etc.).

An illustration about (once again:) school bullying and how mean words hurt.

Another illustation about bullying and how even the school journey might be dangerous in some certain countries.

Now I am having my summer vacation and there are so many things that I´d love to do! Time just flies so fast and I also like just to stay at home and chill so I have to be careful that I also find time to do all the nice things that I have planned, shiiiit... : D And don`t just end up sitting at home haha.

I really want to make a new layout (or at least change the background picture and this old oh-so-pink colour hehe although I like pink but maybe the layout looks a little too girly and cheesy at the moment, I don´t know) soon if possible and huh my English feels so rusty! I hope that it gets better again if I keep writing more. ;---) Cheers!

Lastly a picture of my hamster Fredrikson, hehe!


  1. Don't worry, your illustrations are always so lovely and cute! I know the feeling of being stuck with creativeness and doubting if my skills are good enough, but you definitely have nothing to worry about. :)

    1. Thanks for your kind words! I hope that this is just a period that ends soon. :)

  2. Really cute hamster :D
    (and very nice illustrations too)

  3. your blog is so cute! I followed you! I hope to hear from you on mine, too! XO!

    love, polly